Private Paint Parties

We host a variety of private painting parties at both of our locations. Are you and some friends, looking to live it up this weekend with some fun, creative, and memorable times? Then look no further and come visit us for an amazing time of painting, drinking, and eating!

Canvas, Corks and Forks offers a variety of different types of paint and sip parties and can accommodate most any party you desire. Whether it is a kid’s painting party, a super chill bachelorette party, a team-building event, or just a night out with some friends, we can make it happen!

Adult Paint and Sip Party - Schenectady & Troy, NY

Adult Paint & Sip Party

Looking to host a fun paint and sip evening for you and a bunch of your friends? Then look no further, as we have the best paint and sip shops in Schenectady, NY & Troy, NY!

You, yes YOU! can host an amazing private paint and sip party, don’t forget FREE Mac N’ Cheese Bar with every class, at either of our creative think tanks in Schenectady or Troy, NY.

Bachelorette Painting Party - Schenectady & Troy Paint and Sip

Bachelorette Paint Party

CONGRATS!!! You’re about to get married!!! Looking to keep it simple, fun, and memorable? Then look no further as we have hosted many bachelorette parties for soon to be brides looking to share a nice quiet evening with close friends and family.

A Bachelorette Party Like No Other!!!

Kid's Painting Party - Schenectady, NY & Troy, NY

Kids Painting Party

We are a one-stop-shop that can make planning your event easier by offering your painting activity, which makes a great party favor, all the necessary supplies, along with scrumptious Mamma’s Mac N’ Cheese, Organic Lemonade, Root Beer & Orange Creamsicle Soda Floats, Cookie Sundaes & Homemade desserts!!!


Team Building Painting - Schenectady, NY & Troy, NY

Team Building Painting

Searching for a team building idea that sparks imagination, collaboration, and creativity? If you are looking to take your corporate team to the next level, then a paint and sip team building experience should be at the top of your list!

Grab the team and get out of the office. Experience a team building painting project like no other and grow the spirit of your team!

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